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[Freestyle] Willie Valentin’s “One True Love Affair” 2014 Music Video and Single
November 8, 2014  //  By:   //  Dance, Music  //  No Comment   //   992 Views

This new Freestyle music video that was just released a few days ago is actually Willie Valentin’s first Freestyle single  which was originally released back in 1992. “It’s called “One True Love Affair” 2014. The song was reproduced and re-energized or in other words said, remixed.  The remix features the powerful vocals of Synthia Figueroa which gives the song a bit of a nice edge. Willie is sure to please the hardcore Freestyle fans with this music video and single.

Willie Valentin is one of the few that is not only still making true Freestyle music, but has also continually been releasing Freestyle music over the last few years.  I can’t recall when it was that Willie actually got his start, but it was definitely in 1990’s during a time when Freestyle was losing ground on national radio.  I was waiting for Willie to send me a his biography so that I could give you more information on his background, his music and the Artistik recordings camp, but I never received it.  I decided to go ahead and share the video anyways.

Video Credits:

Video Directed by Alex Cantel (APA Nation)
Music Produced by Willie Valentin
Song Performed by Willie Valentin
Featuring vocals by Synthia Figueroa
Backup vocals and Dancing by Louis J. Ortiz


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Willie Valentin "One true love affair" 2014 freestyle latin remix

About the Author :

Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area and currently live in Simi Valley, CA. I've worked as on air talent in both English & Spanish radio, as well as formed part of Latin Marketing for major record labels. In recent years I have lead development artist campaigns.

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