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[EDM] They Rock Packed Venues Across the Planet and Produce Some of the Top Dance Music Vocalist on the Charts. The Verdugo Brothers are like the EDM Batman & Robin of California.
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Whether it’s music production or performing in front of packed venues, the DJ and Production duo, “VERDUGO BROTHERS” are like the EDM Batman & Robin of Southern California. Brothers Marcos and Antonio Verdugo are the first American EDM brother duo to have music featured on MTV.com.  

Known for their harmonic mixing, track selection and electrifying performances, they have earned world-class recognition.  The Verdugo Brothers have traveled from the beaches of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico to the distant beaches of Jesolo, Italy and rocking crowds by the thousands everywhere in between  They have lit the stage on fire performing side by side with Grammy award winning artist Moby, and Grammy nominated Tiesto. The bottom line is everywhere Marcos and Antonio, people love them.

If that wasn’t enough the Verdugo Brothers have also worked with some of the hottest EDM vocalist, such as JD Davis (the vocalist behind David Guetta’s “World is Mine”,  Charles Feelgood known for the song “Down for You” and various other artists. Currently, the Verdugo Brothers are focused on their debut album which will feature tech-house, progressive, down tempo, experimental pop and beyond. Additionally, they are working on defining the sound and direction of their own independent label, Estilo Recordings, as well as filming, directing and editing their own feature music videos, which can be found on their YouTube Channel.

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Download Verdugo Brother’s music and remixes for free on their Soundcloud profile.

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