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[Hip Hop] The New Cypress Junkies Live Mixtape Has Been Released
January 8, 2015  //  By:   //  English Hip Hop, Music  //  No Comment   //   508 Views

The Cypress Junkies, which is a made up of Cypress Hill’s Eric Bobo and DJ Rhettmatic of the world famous Beat Junkies are back and they just posted a live mixtape on the official soundclund.  It’s just titled “Cypress Junkies Live” and If for some reason you had previously missed their previous releases, then this is your chance to get all caught up on your CJ game.
Cypress Junkies is one of those Hip Hop projects by Hip Hop heads, for Hip Hop heads. They have recently One of the many things that sets Cypress Junkies apart is that both Bobo and Rhettmatic are Hip Hop musicians. Rhettmatic  isn’t a DJ that just plays songs, he plays turntables, making the Cypress Junkies a full on band. That same feeling you get when seeing a live band playing; that is the same feeling that you get from a Cypress Junkies show. Their aim to take their solo success to form an unprecedented union on the road and in the studio. Never before has such an accomplished percussionist and well-respected hip-hop DJ embarked on such a musical journey
Beyond the countless record sales and global recognition, hip-hop’s biggest accomplishment is perhaps its ability to bring people together. Carrying on this Hip Hop tradition with the Cypress Junkies project is what Eric Bobo and DJ Rhettmatic reason for project. They do this with their focus on the instrumental and musical experience of Hip Hop. Something that is too often overlooked in Hip Hop.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Connect with Cypress Junkies:  FACEBOOK, TWITTER or CYPRESSJUNKIES.COM 


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