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[Hip Hop En Español] Seven Spanish Rap Songs to Honor Mom
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Musicians, like every type of art ever has always expressed their love to the woman that gave them life with tributes songs. After all, at the end of the day, that which connects humans with God is our mother; she gave us life.

Hip Hop culture is no different. Rappers from all corners of the globe have written plenty of rhymes to their mothers that toast the women who gave life, and or raised us to ve the person we are now. There’s something delightfully bizarre when searching for a song a particular musician recorded in tribute to his mother. In honor of Mother’s Day, we rounded up some of the best songs by some of the world’s greatest Hip Hop En Español MC’s.

The list of songs and rappers are in no particular order, other than the songs with music videos were posted at the top. The rappers that perform the songs range from Mexico, France, Spain, Venezuela and the US.


Toxikon – “Heroe”


Toxikon or Tox is one of the founding members of  Mexico’s underground legendary group Caballeros del Plan G. They were not only the first independent group to produced a classic rap hit in Mexico, but they’re the first rap group to tour all of Mexico. As the rest of the members of the crew Toxikon recorded a solo project making this tribute to his mom song “Heroe” song the lead single.


Los Rakas – “Chica De Mi Corazón”


The San Francisco Bay Area Spanish due, Los Rakas followed up their major label single “Sueño Americano” which made it’s way across the US via Universal Music with a video to “Chica De Mi Corazón,” a Love Song to Raka Dun’s mother. He pours out his love singing to the woman who gave him life, and who is so far away from him, for now.


Orishas – “Madre”


Orishas were a Cuban Hip Hop group from Havana, Cuba that was founded in 1999, but was based in Paris, France where the group landed a deal with a label. Their work is influenced by the Hip Hop movement as well as Cuban and other Latin rhythms. As of October 2009, they have produced a total of four studio albums and a greatest hits album; their latest album is “Cosita Buena”. Orishas has sold more than 750,000 copies,  received two Grammys. In 2007, they collaborated with the Puerto Rican group Calle 13 on the song “Pa’l Norte” landing them a Latin Grammy for Best Urban Song. Orishas disbanded in 2010.


Neblinna MC – “Madre”


Neblinna MC is a Venezuela based rapper. She recorded and released her first song “Rencor Por Falsedad.” back in 2009. Since that moment on she has not stopped releasing music, working and recording with many artists from Venezuela’s underground scene.  In 2010 she would  come together with Meztisa MC forming the duet project Mestiza Y Neblinna. Although now forming a group the Neblinna has also continued to release solo songs of which in late 2014 she released this song titled “Madre”


Sinful aka El Pecador  – “Madre Incomparable”


Sinful aka El Pecador is a Mexican-American raised in Long Beach, California made his mark in the Latin Hip Hop culture as one of the two voices of the Chicano rap due Tha Mexakinz. Critics as well as radio personnel again responded unanimously hailing them as the most credible force in Latin Hip-Hop. Although the group was received well by the US Hip Hop community, Sinful’s solo completely Spanish song “La Plaga” was a huge impact across Latin America. Sinful released an solo album and followed with a mixtape completely in Spanish under the name El Pecador.


ZPU – ‘Mama me Dijo”


ZPU is one of the most important rappers of Spain’s Hip Hop sense and the over all of Spanish-speaking hip hop global movement. He kicked off his career in 95′ as a founding member of the group Muerte Acústica.  Since then he has released a total of ten albums to date including the powerful song “Mama Me Dijo”.


Nach – “Para Mi Madre”


Nach is another rapper from Spain who has been very well received cross Latin America. He has toured Mexico, Venezuela, Peru, Chile, Colombia and Ecuador. To date he has released a total of ten albums. His style is very poetic.

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