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[Spanish Hip Hop] Serko Fu Drops New “Mujeres & Mashups Tirando Bombas” Quick Mix
September 26, 2014  //  By:   //  Music, Spanish Hip Hop  //  No Comment   //   930 Views

Serko Fuentes or Serko Fu founding members of one of the most important hip hop acts from Mexico, Caballeros del Plan G has just released an exclusive Spanish Hip Hop quick mix.   The quick mix is inspired by and dedicated to all women and is entitled “Mujeres & Mashups Tirando Bombas”.

If you were to ask me what sets this quick mix apart from others, I’d tell you that what sets it apart is the fact that Serko manages to collect and unite the new wave of Latin American talents; or to simply put it; they’re the new faces of Spanish Hip Hop.  Some of names featured on the quick mix are: MLKMN, Morenito de Fuego, Frank El Medico, and Alvaro Diaz among others. Another highlight is that there is an exclusive song by Adan Cruz; a a sneak peek at his up and coming album. Then of coause you also have the title and opening track “Mujer Tirabombas” with Don Lagrimas which is one of the singles off of Serko’s debut solo EP “Desde El Desnivel”

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Track Listing

1.-Mujer Tirabombas – Serko Fu feat. Don Lagrima (México/Argentina)
2.-My Queen – Crypy feat. Huba (Costa Rica)
3.- Assma – Milkman (México/ US)
4.- Vienen & Van – Morenito de Fuego Feat. Frank el Médico. (México – República Dominicana)
5.- Hits from Badu – Gafeto (Costa Rica)
6.- We made a plan – Adan Cruz (México)
7.- Insomnio – Alvaro Diaz (Puerto Rico)


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Serko Fu desde el desnivel    Caballeros del plan g Abriendo Puertas    Caballeros del Plan G Estrategas EL ÁLBUM

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Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area and currently live in Simi Valley, CA. I've worked as on air talent in both English & Spanish radio, as well as formed part of Latin Marketing for major record labels. In recent years I have lead development artist campaigns.

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