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[Hip Hop En Español] The Los Angeles Based Gomezpalatino MC Sadeek de Kasta Ache Drops Single “Mueve Tu Cuello”
January 2, 2015  //  By:   //  English Hip Hop, Music  //  No Comment   //   470 Views

The Los Angeles, CA based rapper Sadeek de Kasta Ache is set to release both his debut single “Mueve Tu Cuello” along with it’s music video this coming Saturday, January 3rd

Sadeek is originally from Gomez Palacio, Durango in Mexico. From he started following the Hip Hop artists of the time, groups like Control Machete (Mexico), Tiro de Gracia (Chile), and 7 Notas, 7 Colores (Spain), but it wasn’t until he saw Ce Cen Cem BocaH (Caballeros del Plan G) that Sadeek was found his inspiration start rapping for himself.

Sadeek went on to record his first song started to recording his first few songs by 2004 he recorded a mixtape and then in 2007 he recorded his EP entitled “Culpable” that was both produced and under the direction of Caballeros del Plan G’s Indho Metodo, who was also featured on the EP’s title cut.  Although the song received very positive reviews it was never commercially released.  It was then when it was decided to include the “Culpable” on Indho Metodo’s solo debut album “Fe”. It was also around this time Sadeek moved to the LA area and shortly after jointed Sekreto has his hype man on his California Tour performing in cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Jose among others.

Since then Sadeek been part of the Redbull Batalla de Los Gallos USA,has opened up for such local as Psycho Realm, 2Mex, Mellow Man Ace and many others.  In 2014 became involvement with a local Los Angeles, CA Spanish Hip Hop and R&B movement called LatiNation who he has released a mixtape with.  Sadeek is set to take his Hip Hop to the next level and set’s it off with “Mueve Tu Cuello” 


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On iTunes 01/03/2015

Sadeek De Kasta Ache Mueve Tu Cuello Latin Remix

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