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[Spanish Hip Hop] One of Mexico’s Key Hip Hop Producers, BIal Hclap Releases New “El Viaje” Music Video
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Producers are an often overlooked by the general public, but they’re one most essential part of the recording process and what the final produced that you hear on the radio, TV and movies.  In fact when it comes to me personally buying music for my own consumption I often buy by who producer and not by who is the performing artist. The producer’s job is to make the idea come alive and convert verses into actual songs with verses, bridge,Chorus, etc.

Spanish Hip Hop has not yet archive the level of commercial success in Mexico or Latin America that it has reached in English speaking countries although that has slowly been changing. In Mexico is more and more radio stations and TV networks programming Spanish Hip Hop to their programming over the last few years.  A wave of emerging Hip Hop producer have played an instrumental part in bringing Spanish Hip Hop to the level where it could compete with other musical genres.

One of those key players in Mexico is Guadalajara, Mexico based, Humberto Loopz aka Bial Hclap.  He is a veteran of the hip-hop scene, who got his started out as an MC and producer  back in 2001. Since then he has worked with the biggest, hottest names in Mexico, such as Eptos Uno, Caballeros del Plan G, Banda Baston, Serko Fu, Sekreto, Pato Machete, Mike Diaz, Elote el Bárbaro among others.  

Earlier in the year Bial Hclap released a 6 track instrumental EP entitled Hierbass Morenas and now Bial Hclan is back with yet another hot, new release. A single and music video called “El Vieje”.  The song features guest trumpets Arturo de la Torre; and rapper vocals by Gallo Negro. The outcome was this hot jazz meets dance-hall, hip hop and trip hop track.  The video is a collage of animations that pay tribute to eighties video games arcades. The video was produced and directed by the Chilean Maria Teresa Barros, who lives in Mexico that she created with a programs and processes using adobe after effects, photoshop and Flash.


“El Viaje” – Single Credits

Album: Rio de Lodo Lado A
Artista: Bial Hclap feat. Arturo de la Torre
Programación y teclado: Humberto “Bial” Loopz
Trompeta: Arturo de la Torre
Lira: Cesar Poumian
Batería: Marvin RL Groove
Voz: Gallo Negro
Grabación y post-produccion: Humberto “Bial” Loopz
Arte: Fabian Cuevas




Bial Hclap – “El Viaje” Featuring Arturo de la Torre y Gallo Negro


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BialHClap     Bial Hclap     Bial Hclap

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Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area and currently live in Simi Valley, CA. I've worked as on air talent in both English & Spanish radio, as well as formed part of Latin Marketing for major record labels. In recent years I have lead development artist campaigns.

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