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[Freestyle] Known for Songs like “Spring Love” and “Party Your Body” Stevie B Releases His New “The King of Hearts” Album
July 21, 2014  //  By:   //  Dance, Music  //  No Comment   //   2139 Views

In the late 80’s Steven B exploded onto the radio and club dance floors across the US with smash hit “Party Your Body”.  Stevie B’s success continued and in no time he charted all the up to the 40 with hits singles like “I Wanna Be The One”, “In My Eyes” and “Love Me for Life” among others.  Then in 1990 “Because I Love You (The Post Man Song)” hit the number one spot, topping the Billboard Hot 100 for four weeks straight.  Mr B had a few more billboard hits after that.

Stevie B continued recording throughout the years and released a few notable albums such as “Healing”, “Waiting for Your Love”, “It’s So Good”, “Right Here, Right” among others.  Although he ever reached the mainstream charts again, to this day Stevie B continues to sell out shows and tour internationally.  In 2013 he teamed up with Cuban rapper Pitbull and released “Spring Love 2013”.  

Stevie B posted on his Facebook page this week that he submitted his new album “The King of Hearts” to iTunes and Google Play so new Stevie B music will be hitting the digital stores any day now. 



The King of Hearts Track Listing

1. So beautiful
2. Lil Wonders
3. Different Kind of Love
4. Running For Miles
5. With Your Love
6. Someday
7. I Want to Leave The World
8. I Honestly Love You
9. All My Life (Richie Blaze Mix)
10. Round N Round
11. What I’m Gonna Do
12. Tomorrow
13. So Beautiful (Map Style Remix)
13. So Beautiful (Clean)
14. All My Life (Map Style Remix)



Some of the latest Music Videos from Stevie B
“Spring Love 2013” Featuring Pitbull
 “Running For Miles”
 “You Are The One”

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