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Lookout Jenny from the block! Make way for the sexy multi-talented Latina from Australia now on your block, Natalia Segura. The music video to her new dance cut “I Touch Myself” was just released last week.
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Born in Sydney, Australia to Salvadorian parents Natalia Segura is singer-songwriter, dancer, actress and model born for stardom. Natalia got her start performing at school back in Australia.  She would end up forming a band with some of her friends from school called Latin Kids.   The Latin Kids was just the beginning for Natalia on what would embark her on musical  journey. 

At  the age of 19 Natalia moved to South America where for a year she deepened her Latin her influences in culture, music and  it’s music and language. Eventually she would return to Australia and there shortly after move to New York.  Once in the big apple Natalia would meet all the right people.  She linked up with songwriters, producers and quickly started putting together her debut album. 

 Natalia has been at work non-stop making appearances in movies, TV, commercials, magazines and countless events and concerts.  She had decided to not only entertain people, but try to give a positive message with every opportunity that is presented to her with songs like “World Peace”.  However the radio cut here is her dance single “I Touch Myself”. The song has mixshow spins written all over it and the music video is fun to watch.    

I also find it very cool how her last name, Segura is Spanish for Sure.  As in Natalia is Sure she will make it

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Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area and currently live in Simi Valley, CA. I've worked as on air talent in both English & Spanish radio, as well as formed part of Latin Marketing for major record labels. In recent years I have lead development artist campaigns.

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