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Morenito de Fuego | Fugata del Sonidero Nacional
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We’re proud to Introduce you to Morenito de Fuego, again. Why again? Simple. Up until now he has worked and toured as member of different groups and different musical collectives, but perhaps he is better known for his work with Sonidero Nacional.

Morenito de Fuego is a performer, producer, songwriter and M.C. whom worked with some of the biggest names in the contemporary Latin music scene, including making it on Spain’s Top 10 Dance Charts, as well as his participation with the over the top breakthrough Latin dance music group 3BallMTY.  In 2013 after years of working on countless projects and hit songs Morenito de Fuego released his debut solo album entitled “Venta de Garage.”

“Maldición Gitana” Morenito’s new music video, and although it’s not the first cut off the album it is a fun, danceable song which features Jonaz Gzz. (Plastilina Mosh) and Danny Fornaris. I’m excited to be able to share this video with you. It’s completely made to be watched in club monitors. Without a doubt either with his Sonidero Nacional crew or on a solo tip Morenito de Fuego’s music brings the party to you with this hot Latin dance cut.


Morenito de Fuego
“Maldición Gitana” feat. Jonaz Gzz (Plastilina Mosh & Danny Fornaris


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