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[Spanish Hip Hop] Mestiza MC Takes On Poor Relationships Between Mother & Daughter With New Single “Señora”
December 1, 2014  //  By:   //  Music, Spanish Hip Hop  //  No Comment   //   945 Views

After the release of their song “Venezuela Esta Candela” a few months back the female powerhouse Rap duo has been releasing a series of solo cuts and music video.  Last month Mestiza put out a very eye appealing video “Bye Bye” flashing Hummers, SUV and Motorcycles. The song is pretty much Mestiza calling out her hates.

Now both Mestiza and Neblinna approached the same topic from a very different standpoint. The two have released two different songs addressing their mothers.  Mestiza has just released her new music video “Señora” in which she tells the not show happy story of her relationship with her mother.  Lyrically the song is on point, however Like previous songs by Mestiza and Neblinna the production isn’t that great. They sound mostly like loops. Then the hooks is also written well, but Mestiza just cannot execute the tone right. Maybe it would have been a good idea to have had someone else sing the hook for her.

Sadly Neblinna’s song “Madre” lacks of the same problems. The production isn’t good enough to compete with other rappers coming out of her homeland of Venezuela. Although she does not have a music video for her single one is on the way and it should be posted during the first few days of December. I’ll go ahead and leave you with Mestiza music video for now.

Music Video Credits
Official Video Music “Señora” by. Mestiza MC. (C) 2014
Alterna Producciones
Dirección: Marvin Rodriguez and Luis Francisco Gonzalez





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