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[Hip Hop En Español] New French Spanish Hip Hop By La Dame Blanche
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It’s a well known fact that France is no stranger to Hip Hop.  Over the years, many critics have gone on the record to say they consider the French Hip Hop scene to have some of the most evolved musical production in the world.  Although France has become the second largest music market for hip hop in the world, the genre’s popularity is not limited to only one country and neither is it only being recorded in the French language.  What perhaps few remember (or even knew to begin with) is that in the late 90’s France also gave us one of the most commercially successful Spanish Hip Hop groups the world has ever seen: Orishas, a Cuban group based in Paris.

Now, nearly 15 years after Orishas debut,  France’s Cuban flavor is ready to lead the Spanish Hip Hop scene on La Revancha, and ready to explode with a major globe boom with a fresh young singer/rapper,  La Dame Blanche.  She is of Afro-Cuban royal lineage and the daughter of musical legend  Jesus “Aguaje” Ramos (master orchestra director for the famed Buena Vista Social Club).   The first single off her EP is an explosive neo-cumbia destined for the dance floor and is produced by El Hijo de La Cumbia.  Like Lauryn Hill, her songs seduce us; like La Mala Rodriquez, her aggressive raps destroy us.  With La Revancha, Blanche’s incredible versatility proves she has talent too  wonderful to not share with the world.  

The EP includes 4 songs, with a total of 6 tracks. It is produced by Marc Damblé for Babylotion Music (Sergeant Garcia, Amadou & Mariam, Orishas) and Emiliano Gomez aka El Hijo de La Cumbia, whose production sound defines the fusion of cumbia rhythms and Hip Hop.





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