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Jake Estrada | Comic Artist From Philly
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Jake Estrada is a graphic illustrator that entered the field back in 2005 with his first published book titled Bocas. Born in Philadelphia to Puerto Rican parents back on April 6th 1978. Jake considers himself a lifelong student of art, and continues to hone his skills with all the latest technological advancements.  His first comic, Bocas centered on a Hispanic character, and there are six books in that series. His other books include Estrada Media Serials 1, Estrada Media Serials 2, Bridgeton Nights, You Cannot Silence Me: The Unauthorized Pedro Albizu Campos Story, Tainos, Motorist vs. Bocas 1, Motorist vs. Bocas 2, The Human Virus, Screw Phillips, Maestro and the soon to be released magazine called Space Coast Comixx.
In addition to publishing comics, Mr. Estrada has worked as a comic printer and has printed comics for other independent publishers. He also owned and operated his own comic shop.  He holds degrees in both Multimedia Design and Criminal Justice Administration. Currently Jake Estrada has formed Space Coast Comixx in Central Florida where he will showcase many short anthology stories. He lives in Florida with his wife and three children.                                                                                                                                                                                                       
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Email:  spacecoastcomixx@yahoo.com                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     


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About the Author :

Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area and currently live in Simi Valley, CA. I've worked as on air talent in both English & Spanish radio, as well as formed part of Latin Marketing for major record labels. In recent years I have lead development artist campaigns.

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