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[Hip Hop En Español] Hispana’s “Mudando De Piel” Album Review
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It is said that Hip-Hop is a tough game to be in and that only the best survive. Now imagine being in the game where there are no radio stations to play your music on a regular basis; no TV networks playing your music videos, no major promoters organizing huge events in which you’re paid what is comparable to other genre?  This is the real life situation of the Hip Hop en Español artist. 


From the early days of the male-dominated genre, female rappers have proved that women, though few in numbers, are fearless, strong especially when unified and are not only capable of standing as tall as the next man but also of outshining them. In recent years there has been a wave of absolutely famous lady MC’s that have lifted the genre putting the international spotlight to Spanish rap music. Such ladies like Mala Rodriguez (Spain), Ana Tijoux (Chile), and Gabylonia (Venezuela) are just some of the ones that standout. 

From Mexico the beautiful and talented Hispana has been building stream and a fan base across Mexico and now her album “Mudando De Piel” finally arrived on all digital stores last month on May 27th.  So, what did we get with her album and how does it album stand?  Hispana’s rhymes are vicious and yet her style is smooth and laid back. Her lyrics are highly intelligent. She comes off as being comfortable and confident. She is passionate, but never over excited. I would compare her rapping to that of a gifted guitar player where fans think that the guitarist that plays harder and faster is the best guitarist, but the truth is that real talent is in being able to play the guitar slowly. The same applies to rappers, many fans think that the most talented MC is that which is able to rap the fastest, but it takes a real gift to be able to have a chill, smooth layback style and be able to keep a flow and melody. This is Hispana vocal style.

Hispana Mudando de Piel

Mudando De Piel includes 13 tracks all produced by DJ Phat for JB Entertainment. The style of production is very early 90’s and a lot like that found on Hispana’s 2012 “Mamba Negra” EP. The tracks are very sample heavy which the classic DJ cuts either on the hooks or song’s outro. The album’s first single is “Rap Game” and Hispana does a amazing job switching up her flows back-and-forth. The song is entertaining from start to finish, but something that I can’t seem to get over is the song’s mix. At times the mix sounds like a mp3 download. The issue isn’t just with Rap Game, there are a few other cuts that stuffer from the same problem.

Then there are other songs on the album that suffers from the vocals being mixed too low. For example the album’s title cut covers up the details of Hispana’s voice. The more layback the vocal artist is, the more important the mixing of the track becomes. The vocals should sit in the mix, not on top of it and not under it. Now with that being said I am in no way saying don’t get the album, in fact I recommend buying it from iTunes for it’s best posible quality. Buying it from iTunes will enhance your experience so much more than streaming from an Spotify or YouTube.

The three years of waiting for Hispana’s follow up album is sure to please her fans as well as pick up new fans along the way.  If you favorite era of Rap music is from the 90’s, then “Mudando De Piel” is a must buy. Some of album’s more notable songs include “Mentora” which features cuts from DJ Zero, “Soy Veneno” with Muelas de Gallo and  “Nace Y Muere” a collabo with Aleman.


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