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[Hip Hop / R&B En Español] Tania Nava Is A Mexico City Singer – Beatboxer and She Just Released A New Video
November 13, 2015  //  By:   //  Music, Pop, Spanish Hip Hop  //  No Comment   //   541 Views

Hip Hop has become such a huge movement across Latin America with artists touring internationally to sold out arena in countries like Mexico, Colombia, the Dominican Republic and Chile. Big multinational companies gotten involved with Latin America’s growing Hip Hop scene. Redbull has two huge yearly events that are centered around Hip Hop. One being La Batalla de Los Gallos which is a Spanish international rap battles and the other being B Boy City, which is a break dancing battles.

These days it’s easy to jump on YouTube and be impressed with the infinite number of amazing rappers that are online. However one aspect of Hip Hop that isn’t talked about much in mainstream media is beatboxing. But what is beatboxing? Beatboxing is the art of making sounds with your mouth, lips, tongue, throat, and voice to imitate beats, rhythms, melodies and even sing – often all at the same time! It involves imitating sounds like scratching on a turntable, or the sound of a drum but also adding new unique sounds.

Modern day beatboxers don’t get the attention that beatboxers got in Hip Hop’s early days. Beatboxers such as the Fat Boys’ Darren Robinson or Doug E Fresh. But there is a fresh wave of new beatboxer artist such as Tania Nava that are trying to push the art form forward and give it more exposure. Tania is young, beautiful multi-talented Mexico City based singer – beatboxer. Her passion for music has taken her on a journey beyond Hip Hop. Aside from her beatboxing Tania is a R&B recording artist with a strong powerful voice. She also has a duet eletronic fusion project called White or Black. Altogether Tania has  only been pursuing professionally career for only 5 years.

Earlier today she dropped her 2nd promotional beatboxing video. It would appear to be a cover of a CKan song “Intolerable”. The video is directed by JDC Juvera.

Connect with Tania Nava: FACEBOOK , TWITTER or INSTAGRAM


“Intolerable” (CKan Cover Beatbox)


“I’m Back”


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