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[Hip Hop / R&B En Español] Habeatat Releases Spanish Rap and R&B Compilation Entitled Trap Music Vol. 1 As A FREE Download
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This is just a great compilation. I highly recommend to anyone reading this; download it now while you can still get it for free. Very well done! I honestly wasn’t expecting this project.  I just happened to be online and saw Truko post about it and inviting people to download it, because he had a song on the project.

Trap Music Vol. 1 was put together by Habeatat and features of the most talented new urban artist from Venezuela. This compilation is simply full of great hip-hop and R&B. The Rap music coming from out of Latin America is very interesting. The music production is fun and up to date with what’s being produced commercially, but both lyrical content and flows are hard. It’s like a new school 90’s Hip Hop en Español.  

This 7 song compilation is a prime example of the high quality of Hip Hop & R&B that is being produced in Venezuela. Not only is the Trap Music Compilation competitive when compared with the urban sounds that are out currently, but also because it’s been made available for free. Trap Music should really make others selling their music really question the quality of music that they’re releasing. I am so glad that’s this project is here.

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 Habeatat Presenta:  Trap Music Vol. 1

Habeatat Presenta:  Trap Music Vol. 1  [DOWNLOAD HERE]

1) Sucio papel – Truko featuring Ibsen de Soires Naes.
2) Algo cambio – Liana Malva
3) Acróbatas del verso – Rotwaila featuring Tamgo
4) El purgatorio – Canserbero featuring Rms
5) Boom – A.L.O
6) Alucina Remix – IceOd
7) Te veo – Tamgo

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