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[Hip Hop / Pop] The New Single From The Tabaqueros Pays Tribute to Miami
May 31, 2015  //  By:   //  English Hip Hop, Music  //  No Comment   //   384 Views

A few months back we gave you the 411 on the Miami based collective that go by Tabaqueros. If you have not yet had the chance to check them out i’ll go ahead and give you the run down. Tabaqueros is sound that could be described as like a Fania meets The Fugees. Both their music and their videos are a celebration of Globalization fusing traditional rhythms from around the world with a very touch of contemporary urban sounds.
Although the name of Tabaqueros project might be new to you, the members that make up this collective all have an extended resume and proven track record within the music industry with hit singles and albums that charted on almost every music chart that matters. This powerhouse project is made up of Tagui of Locos por Juana, Jan Rodriguez, Salazar, and Yeyo of The D.E.Y.

With the release of the new single from The Tabaqueros, we reached out to Yeyo and asked him if he would share his top 10 favorite 90’s Hip Hop cuts with us, but Yeyo couldn’t share just 10 favorites. So we’re posting 20, but Yeyo’s list would have actually been a lot longer.

1. –  2Pac – “Keep ya head up”Yeyo
2. –  Guetto Boys – “Little”
3. –  Goodie Mob – “Cell Therapy”
4. –  Outkast – “Claimin’ True”
5. –  NAS – “I gave you power”
6. –  Snoop Dogg  – “Gz Up, Hoes Down”
7. –  Wu Tang Clan – “Can it be all so simple”
8. –  Big Pun – “You aint a killer”
9. –  The Pharcyde – “Passing me by”
10. – Notorious BIG – “Juicy”
11. – Fugees – “Nappy Heads” (Remix)
12. – Common Sense – “I used to Love her”
13. – Gang Starr – “Mass Appeal”
14. – Guetto Boys – “Mind playing tricks on me”
15. – Souls of Mischief – “93 til Infinity”
16. – Lords of the Underground – “Chief Rocka”
17. – Das Efx – “They want Efx”
18. – Cypress Hill – “Insane in the brain
 19. – Lost Boyz – “Renee”
20. – Jay Z – “Dead Presidents
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