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[Hip Hop En Español] Venezuela’s Neblinna MC’s “Con El Silencio A Todo Volumen” Album Review & Free Download
December 17, 2015  //  By:   //  Music, Spanish Hip Hop  //  No Comment   //   405 Views

Having accomplished so much at a young age Neblinna MC is now ready for the next challenge of her career. After touring across Venezuela and headlining some of the biggest Hip Hop stages with her partner in crime Mestiza MC. Neblinna has decided to go back to her roots and show the new class how to perfect her craft. The end result is “Con El Silencio A Todo  Volumen”.  Although it’s true that many rap fans from across Latin America love Neblinna’s music already, it’s also true that fans didn’t know what to expect on her first full solo project. Up until now you couldn’t say Neblinna without thinking of Neblinna & Mestiza. What set’s “Con El Silencio A Todo Volumen” apart is simply that there is no Mestiza.  This is first official taste of Neblinna without Mestiza and I have to say the girl can do it solo and there is no doubt that the 10 song album features bangers.

I have been listening to the album for a few days now and I must say, I have mixed feelings about the album. The album isn’t perfect. So I will start with what I like about Neblinna debut album. I will start by saying that I dig the art concept. In today’s digital world you may no longer have that experience of holding the art and flipping through pages of the artwork, but it’s still pretty important to have good artwork. Like with movies posters the art sets the stage of what to expect not only of the quality of the recordings, but the over all theme of the album. On the album’s cover Neblinna is covering her left eye with her hand which has a tattoo of the so called “Third Eye” or “Inner Eye” that symbolical and represents a mystical and esoteric concept referring to a speculative invisible eye which provides perception beyond ordinary sight. The concept work of the art is by Yeisher.

The album’s opening cut “Bios” is just that. Neblinna raps her biography over a piano solo, as if you were listening to a rap version of  Bruno Maro’s ‘When I Was Your Man’ or just enjoying Alicia Keys rocking the piano.  Neblinna quickly comes sets up the stage of what is to come on the album. She sounds aggressive as ever. The second song on the album is “Puntos Claros” which was released almost a year ago via a solo video. I really dig the fact that she points out that she doesn’t smoke weed, because she wants to be a role model of the youth. What am most excited about is the album lead single “Mujer Sin Maquillaje”. You see, the video was released back in August. And at first I wasn’t really feeling the song, but now listening to the entire album I completely changed my mind about that song. This could be the most developed song on the album. The song is an open letter to young women and men, about violence against women. There are few other songs that are note worthy such as “Beso de Judas” in which Neblinna cals out her haters. There is also “Rodilla en Tierra” which is a follow up type song to the Neblinna Y Mestiza cut “Venezuela Esta Candela. I wouldn’t be surprised that if this ends up being one of Neblinna’s first music videos of 2016.

Now to move on what I didn’t like about “Con El Silencio A Todo Volumen” and that is hands down, no if’s, no but’s. I did not like the production of the album. I am not talking about the sound quality, because it sounded great. What I am talking about the fact the music on the songs sounded like loops. There is very little production value on most of the album. Now, on the flip side, because the songs here are are much shorter than songs from Neblinna Y Mestiza the loops on the songs off of  “Con El Silencio A Todo Volumen” are less noticeable. 

The other thing that I didn’t like about the album was that it felt like Neblinna is goes the extra mile to show off her skills as a rapper and putting that aspect above everything else. In fact it’s almost like she is trying to prove herself to the underground scene or to her peeps that she can rap. I feel like she puts displaying her skills over the actual creation of song. The perfect example is “Tenerte Aqui”. The song is an attempt of doing a sexual, seductive, and romantic song, but it completely fails. The song features vocals by Dulce Marianis on the singing on the hook, Neblinna’s super fast rapping and style of flow kills the songs vibe. 

Over all the “Con El Silencio A Todo Volumen” proves that Neblinna is a incredibly skilled rapper, but lacks that one break though song that truly stands out as a single. The album has not yet hit the digital stores, but that doesn’t mean that you need to wait until it does for you to peep out Neblinna’s long awaited album. I will include a link provided by Neblinna herself so that fans can download the album now while the link is still available. 




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