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[Hip Hop En Español] The Cypher Effect’s Ensenada Sessions with Aleman’s “Pues Que Pues”
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Nowadays we live in such a video-centric world and with the number major outlets for indie music shrinking to only a one or two. In 2012 the Cypher Effect launched creating a new and much needed outlet for the local Los Angeles Hip Hop scene. Founded by JDS Films, is an independent music network showcasing today’s Hip Hop artists. The impact of the blog and YouTube channel has really been a game changer.

The Cypher Effect has not only become an outlet that focuses and showcases indie Hip Hop, but is also a major content creator in a market that both needs and demands constant quality content. The network offers two different types of high quality video . First you have the Cypher sessions in which enables a collaboration of talents through a  shared Hip Hop experience. Then there is the Mic Check sessions in which allows for a more closer and personal look at a single stand alone artist. The Mic Check gives the artist’s fans to see a high quality video for a song that doesn’t already have an official music video.

In 2015 The Cypher Effect launched their “En Español” network with sessions featuring Mike Diaz, Ill Máscaras, Eptos Uno, Hordatoj and more. Last week the Effect’s crew traveled to Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico for the CBG Producciones 10th year anniversary and recorded a series of Mic Check sessions with Aleman, Hispana and Sekreto.

The first Mic Check video to drop from the filming sessions during the trip is Aleman’s “Pues Que Pues” which is a unreleased cut from his upcoming album “Rolemos Otro” and hit the Network’s channel last night. Keep an eye out for more mic’s being checked en español soon.



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