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[Hip Hop En Español] The Argentina Based Rapper El Kanibal del Eztilo Drops Debut Solo Album “De Origen Noble”
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Yesterday El kanibal del Eztilo or El Kani simultaneously released his debut solo album along with it’s first cut and music video. Both the album and the single are titled “De Origen Noble”. For the album he worked with several producers and a handful of collabos from across Latin America. On the musical production, for the most part Kani worked with local producers from Argentina and a track from Argentine based Mexican producer J Chamir Vivar.

The musical production team was made up by Compose Beatz, Don Bass, Gabriel Devak Rodriguez Devak, Mazta Charlezz, Novak King Size, Fao Osuch and as mentioned before J Chamir Vivar.  When it comes to the albums collaborations and Features there are just a handful. From Argentina there is Evado al Fisco Chino Cno CNO from Buenos and from Cordoba Hambre de Rap Kili Cristian Diaz. Then there is the New York based Dominican Exotico aka El Belvue.

But, who is El kanibal del Eztilo?  El Kani is a rapper, producer and filmmaker based out of Cordoba, Argentina. He began his music career  in 1994 en Jachal when he formed forming the Rap-Core band “Repudio Maza”. Then in the year 200o Kanibal and Chamir formed a new rap group called “KortaFierro”. With KortaFierro he would work and release two mixtapes. The first in 2005 “Ritmo de Ataque Popular” and the in 2007 “Volumen Dual”. The group finally dropped their debut album”Rap Latino” in 2013 which was independently released in both in digital and physical formats.


El Kani Top 10 Canciones de Hip Hop

1. Tempo – “Tu y Quien Mas”
2. CNO – “King Team” Featuring Obie
3. Vico – C – “En Honor a La Verdad”
4. Tego Calderon – “Payaso” Featuring Eddie Dee & Julio Voltio
5. Lápiz Conciente – “Atento a Mi”
6. Reychesta – “Me Quieren Arrestar”
7. Kortafierro – “Kortafierro Soldado”
8. Mexicano 777 – “Bendición Mami”
9. Cirujano Nocturno – “6 Kilos” Featuring. El Fother
10. Julio Voltio – “Julito Maraña”


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El kanibal del Eztilo’s “De Origen Noble”

El Kanibal del Eztilo De Origen Noble‬ Latin Remix Rap Argentino

Free Album Download HERE

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