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[Hip Hop En Español] PNO of Tres Coronas Drops “Underwater Love” Remix As Free Download
January 3, 2015  //  By:   //  Music, Spanish Hip Hop  //  No Comment   //   811 Views

If you have been following LatinRemix for a while then you might remember a few months back we pointed out to you that one of the most important groups of the Hip Hop en Español movement, Tres Coronas. They have traveled throughout several countries performing in front of thousands, have received numerous awards and even landed a Latin Grammy nomination. Not only has Tres Coronas played an important role in the international development of Hip Hop en Español, but in put the spotlight on the Hip Hop movement of Colombia. They duo dropped their most recent album “La Musica Es Mi Album” back in March of 2011.

Fast forward to today and the members of Tres Coronas are back at it; Rocca and PNO had were both working on making a return to the game with some solo projects.  Then in June Rocca dropped the awesome music video and single “Vatos Locos” in both a Spanish and French version.

This last week the other have of the Colombian Tres Coronas, PNO dropped a remix of “Underwater Love” in which PNO drops his rhymes in both English and Spanish. PNO provided the downloadable links via social media for you to be able to blast it anywhere.  Although this isn’t PNO’s first solo cut either. Almost right after the Tres Coronas released their last album PNO dropped a solo music video and single entitled “French Kiss” and almost instantly it began appearing on  music channels across Latin America. He has later followed up with a series of singles including “Me Dices” in early 2014.

PNO is a New York native and is well influenced by his musical environment that surroundings. That same New York City that has given birth to so many musical genre is well reflected in PNO’s style. In his music you can catch a glimpse of salsa, cumbia, freestyle and is all rolled up into good classic Hip Hop.



Download Below



“Me Dices” Music Video



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