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[Hip Hop En Español] Neblinna MC “Mujer Sin Maquillaje” Video and Song Review
September 7, 2015  //  By:   //  Music, Spanish Hip Hop  //  No Comment   //   906 Views

The Caracas, Venezuela rapper Neblinna MC returns with a new single and music video titled “Mujer Sin Maquillaje”. I have been following Neblinna career over the last few years and I must say that this is hands down Neblinna best video production to date. There is no doubt that the quality of her what is puts out have gotten better and better with each release. With this new single she upped the quality of not only the video, but also the recording.

However that’s about where the Neblinna evolution stops. The musical production although better recorded than on previously released cuts, she continues to rap over just loops. Neblinna’s songs differently have great drum patterns. They sound like what you would expect a hard Hip Hop track to sound like, but it’s boring after 15 seconds. I can’t posable see myself sitting through an entire album like this. “Mujer Sin Maquillaje” lacks of changes in the chord progression and arrangement takes away and impairs Neblina’s opportunity to create an true anthem. It’s something to know how to sample, but something completely different is to know music. Sadly, as talented as Neblinna may sound to me her producers are just not as talented as she is. This is problem that affects 90% of Hip Hop scene throughout Latin America.

Neblinna is a monster the mic. She is a great MC, but the lack of musical changes keeps her rapping non-stop on the track from the moment the beat drops until it starts to fade out hurting her ability to write a real song. The issue with this is that she will never be able to complete with artist of other genre of music who are ruling the media outlets.

Then there is the issue with Neblinna’s choice of topics for her songs. In the new single she addresses the issue of violence against women which seem like is turning into Neblinna’s safety zone type topic. It’s great that she is being outspoken about this important social issues and we need singles like these to be out there, but her songs do not target a general audience.  One of the reasons that made songs like “Venezuela Esta Candela” spread like wildfire on the internet and really set it apart is not the production, because as much as I love that song the production is just a lack-buster. What really set it apart is the fact that wide range of people that identified with that song was much larger, whether you’re Venezuelan or not.

Over all, although I am not excited for this song, I am excited to see what she comes out with next



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