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[Hip Hop En Español] La Banda Baston’s New Music “No Me Porto Bien” Review
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La Banda Baston is one of the Hip Hop groups that has been around since about 1998 building and perfecting their art. They’re originally from Baja California Sur, Mexico, but are currently based out of Mexico City. and have been touring for years. After having released a series of singles, music videos and a EP the group was finally able to released their much anticipate debut album in March of 2013 titled “Todo Bien” which featured the singles “Me Gusta” and “Ayeres” with Serko Fu.

This past last week La Banda Baston dropped a new music video titled “No Me Porto Bien” and the song continue their formula of banging beats combined with intelligent fun lyrics. The song is the first release from their next album and follows up the overall vibe of “Me Gusta”. There is no doubt that Muella de Gallo is still a mad lyrical genius, and although he really haven’t evolved too much since “Todo Bien”, he sounds confident and his flow is still precise and sharp. When it comes to the production once again it’s the work of Dr. Zupreeme. If you couldn’t tell with the previous releases that by the style of this song they’re attempting to branch out they’re style a bit and appeal to more mainstream listeners. They’re not exactly trying to sell out, but rather compete with other music genres that are enjoying of mainstream success.
I still enjoying the fun story telling of their music videos. “No Me Porto Bien” is a song that deserves the clicks of mass audiences, and the new video is the latest attempt to pull it off. The video reflects that feeling and sense of that Hip Hop could appeal to the mainstream on a commercial scale.
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