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[Hip Hop En Español] Hispana Released Mad Max Fury Road Inspired “Rap Game” Music Video
December 3, 2015  //  By:   //  Music, Spanish Hip Hop  //  No Comment   //   560 Views

Music videos have surprisingly become the method and way we think of when thinking about searching and discovering new songs or artists now days. – For better and for worse. There is without a doubt a lot of great things to be said about Hispana’s new “Rap Game” music video. She has always released quality, well thought-out and well directed music videos. Personally I am fan of both her “Mamba Negra” and “Oxitocina” videos.

The Rap Game video brings back a taste this summer’s Mad Max: Fury Road post-apocalyptic world. For the younger Hip Hop fans the video may remind you of the 2Pac & Dr Dre 1995 was inspired by the film Mad Max Beyond Thunderdone. Since then there have been a few great music videos that have been a few Mad Max inspired music videos Like the 2006 Puretone “Addicted to Bass” (Apollo 440 Remix) and this year’s “Hey Mama” by David Guetta and Nicki Minaj.

Over all Hispana’s video has amazing makeup and wardrobe. Rap Game is hands down one of the best indie rap video productions that I have seen in all of 2015 and is both produced and directed by Jose “JB” Castro. However, the video isn’t perfect and because the video was shot in a desert setting, whenever they show a group shot the video feels empty. The video would have benefited from having more extras to help give it the real world feel. I also feel like there was a missed opportunity in not planning the video enough to actually recreate a Fury Road story or at the very least an action scene. Unfortunately, other that the Mad Max look the only story-ish that you get in Rap Game is the scene of the two girls digging in the sand searching for water, which is the natural reassure that people fight over in Fury Road. The one of the things that all four Mad Max films have in common are the car chases and it would have been a little more exciting to have seen one of those chases being recreated. And last, but not least I feel like the video’s audio level is low and unless you’re listening through your car speakers or have high end headphones the volume might just be a little too low to enjoy. None the less this is great attempt by JB Entertainment make videos that could compete with other music genre.

Hispana’s career is young and promising. She understands how to create songs and not just verses. Hispana is smart, focused, attractive and most importantly she is approachable. She will no doubt leave her mark in Mexico’s rap scene and is one to watch for to see what she does next. The single “Rap Game” taken from her album “Mudando de Piel” now available on all digital stores.




Hispana’s album “Mudando de Piel”


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