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[Hip Hop En Español] DJ Jonta of Caballeros del Plan G Drops Solo “Vengan Los Cortes” Video
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DJ Jonta, born :Josue Casas is a Gomez Palacio, Durango, Mexico based turntablist and co founder of Caballeros del Plan G. DJ Jonta started producing and DJ for the two groups that would eventually become Caballeros Del Plan G. Soon after, DJ Jonta had his own performance segment within not only the Caballeros show,but also his own cuts where he could shine on their album. While Hip Hop has been at the foundation of his career, he also works in DJIng parties and clubs with Latin and Dance music. His career and the art of turntablism is documented as being of one of Mexico’s first turntablist.

In addition to working with Caballeros del Plan G, DJ Jonta tours solo as well as with Serko Fu in his solo effort He has also performed with Pato Machete’s band Contrabanda. In April of 201o he released the first national DJ Tools vinyl called “Ritmos, Rasguños y Herramientas”. Last month Jonta was heard on the latest single and music video “Trifulka” by the Las Vegas based Estragos. The song also features Cypress Hill’s Sen Dog.

Now, DJ Jonta has released his very first solo music video “Vengan Los Cortes”, which is a sample from Sekreto’s classic “3XL”. The cut showcases Jonta’s skills as a turntablist and features no rap vocals.

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