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[Hip Hop En Español] Costa Rica’s Nakury Debuts New Single “Aunque Quieras” on The Cypher Effect
December 10, 2015  //  By:   //  Music, Spanish Hip Hop  //  No Comment   //   538 Views

Last month we went on a our second trip to Mexico City with The Cypher Effect en Español team. Like with the first trip to Mexico TCE lined up a a series of  international Cyphers and Mic Checks. One of those Mic Checks was with the Costa Rica based Lady MC named Nakury. She is a young, talented lady and after creating international buzz with for her 2014 album “Rima Que Ilumina” she started preparing her next project. The Mic Check is a Cypher Effect en Español exclusive of Nakury’s not yet released single “Aunque Quieras” which showcases her melodic Hip Hop style.

Like many latin American rappers she kick started her career at the young age of thirteen through graffiti. Nakury made a name for herself by painting the walls of the city of Turrialba as the only girl in her crew, PSK (Pintores Sin Kontrol). PSK are considered to be pioneers of Costa Rica’s graffiti scene. However, it wasn’t until she jumped online surfed the web that she learning about the culture.

In 2004 She becomes part of a break dancing crew called Last Move Squad and starts dancing her way to breaking  battles. For the next six years Nakury battled in both national and international international competitions.  However,  it wasn’t until 2010 that her career an interesting turn. Nakury refocused her vision and outlook of what Hip Hop can do and founded Union Break Dance, an organization with educational purpose to teach and communicated to a younger generation about Hip Hop and it’s culture.

After having conquered graffiti and breaking, Nakury would take the next step into Hip Hop culture and pick up the mic and embark on a new adventure of  MCing. Nakury and her friend Nativa become the founders of  Las Viejas de Patio, a Costa Rican Female Hip Hop duo, while at the same time starting her solo career as well.





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