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[Hip Hop En Español] Chicano Rapper Jae-P Talks About His Return and Reveals New “Un Nuevo Mundo” Music Video
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Like David Rolas and Akwid, Mexican-American rapper Jae-P is among the bilingual Latino MCs who made a name for himself on the West Coast rap scene in the early 2000s. The Los Angeles resident, who has no problem rapping in either English or Spanish and is fluent in both languages, has often been cited as part of a trend known as urban regional; that term, which is a blend of urban contemporary and regional Mexican, refers to Mexican-American rappers and singers who have been influenced by Latin music.

in 2002, he signed with Univision Records, which released his debut album, No Soy Ni De Aqui Ni De Alla”(Originally song by the great Facundo Cabral), the following year; the album sold more than 140,000 units. Univision Records (which is part of the Latino empire that also includes the Univision television network) released Jae-P sophomore album, Ezperanza in September of 2004; “Latinos Unidos” was released as the album’s first single.

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Question: How has Jae P’s music evolved since “No Soy Ni De Aqui Ni De Alla?
Answer:  I’m gonna say Jae-P has evolve tremendously in so many different ways from being a clueless young man not knowing, or better yet not understanding his full responsibilities as an artist to becoming a wiser more intelligent man who understands what one can accomplish using our talents and gifts in order to help the world progress. My music has become more personal and deep in subjects that will help strengthen our hope and deliver more courage to one’s soul so we don’t forget who we are and don’t lose our purpose in life and think more of others then just one’s self.

Question:  Why Resurrecion?
Answer: My come back, in the music, the cleansing of my soul, the crossing to the next stage in life from being a young kid to becoming a man. There was a point in life where I felt lifeless I had no energy to continue in this business or continue writing but the birth of my daughter sparked something inside that brought me back to life and allowed me to move forward towards reaching my goals.

Question:  You are one of the few to rap in Spanish and reach platinum and gold, what do you think are some of the things that set the Jae P project apart from others?
Answer:  Asides from my music, I would probably say that the difference is that I’m not afraid to deliver hope in my music. All music writers are talented in their own unique way but I think I’m not afraid to say I’m not perfect. I can still try to become that or when I fall instead getting upset and write songs that show my anger I write songs that give me strength to continue in a really positive way. Also I will say that I focus more on subjects that are more relative to a simple life style that most humans live for example songs that explain the value in our families and human life.

Question:  What are some of the challenges that Jae P overcame in the past to be successful and do you see any new challenges within the Spanish Rap game in 2015?
Answer: Yes in the beginning no one wanted to do anything with Spanish rap because it was something that had no market at that time now not only is there a strong following for our music is accepted in other countries. The challenges as always are lack of commercial radio support. Nonetheless social media in a way or other help to spread our music.

Question: I read in your biography that one of your influence is Chuck D and Public Enemy; which is your favorite Public Enemy album and why?
Answer: Fight the Power, just love the songs it carries a strong motivational messages. Even though I’m Mexican it has songs that I was able to identify myself with.

Question: What are your top 5 favorite Spanish Hip Hop albums of all times?
Answer: “Jae-P Esperanza” Jae-P “Ni De Aquí Ni De Alla” Kinto Sol “La Sangre Nunca Muere” Mexiclan, “La Sinfonia” “Lucha, El Dolor, El Triunfo” oh yeah ” Resurreccion” Jae-P lol

Question: What was your favorite movie of 2014?
Answer: The Equalizer.


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