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[Event] Hip Hop Al Parque is the Most Important Hip Hop Festival in Latin America holding over 80,000 Fans
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The Hip Hop Al Parque Festival is the most important hip hop event in Latin America and takes place in Colombia and this year’s festival will take place on October 26th and the 27th. The festival is known for drawing more than 80,000 fans in two days, with the most prominent groups, mc’s, DJ’s, break dancers, and graffiti artists from across the country.  Like any other event, the event also includes international artists from Spain, the United States and everywhere in between.

Organized by the Department of Culture, Recreation and Sport and the Bogota Philharmonic Orchestra under the theme of “Life, Maximum Respect!” Hip Hop al Parque has become over the last five years the Park festivals biggest even of the year celebrated at Simon Bolivar Metropolitan Park. With a high level logistics and production. Parallel to the festival Hip Hop Al Parque also develops various activities,  like a meeting with the Houses of Formation of Hip Hop from different localities of the city, panels with both local artists and international artists to share experiences, etc

Hip Hop Al Parque is a project for the development and strengthening of the youth’s musical offerings via Hip Hop, and the promotion of tolerance and coexistence mechanisms in urban areas through youth participation. For the district administration way to send a message and teach the youth and is part of the”Bogotá Live” program, which goal is culture by expanding the possibilities of access and artistic practice around rock, in a cultural context that respects the identity and autonomy.

It is an event that puts in the frontline the concept of peace, coexistence inclusive space, without prejudice or discrimination based on sex, gender, ethnicity, cultural affiliation or socio-economic status. The festival promotes changes in behavior and attitudes of the inhabitants of the city aimed at strengthening the sense of belonging, togetherness, peace, reconciliation and enjoyment of the collective.


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Public Enemy @ Hip Hop Al Parque 2013


King Kong @ Hip Hop Al Parque 2013

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