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[Freestyle Music / Dance Music] The Best 2015 Freestyle Music Videos
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Freestyle music has always been hot and radio friendly. Since the late 80 and alway throughout the 90’s Freestyle maintained a place on radio mix shows. In the early 2000’s Freestyle slipped out of mainstream and has continued to live in the underground. Freestyle artists have also continued to tour and sell out arenas and clubs in major cities like New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Miami among others.

2015 has been a pretty good year for Freestyle fans. Not only have we  the fan get a few new releases to feed Freestyle hunger, but also saw the release of a few new music video as well. Not only from the classic Freestyle artists that we love, but also saw a new Los Angeles, CA based two girl duet group that go by the name of Wild Style hit us with their fresh music video to their debut single “Take Me Home” which pays  homage and echoes Freestyle’s heyday.

Wild Style – “Take Me Home”


Wild Style are a new and fresh group that is breathing fresh air and bringing new attention to Freestyle dance. Their debut single “Take Me Home” is a funky freestyle tune produced by Toronto native Richard Vission.  Half of the duo is Sonja, a native of Puerto Rico who has performed around the world as a dancer and singer with Pitbull, Daddy Yankee, Kesha, Ne-yo and Chris Brown. The other half is Frankie, a Los Angeles native who has been performing as a singer/songwriter since she was 10.

Connect with Wild Style: FACEBOOK, TWITTER and INSTAGRAM


Pain – “Believe”


Pain is a Freestyle duo from Camden, New Jersey that has been around since around the mid 90’s. Pain has released various songs via different labels and compilations throughout the years. In Their musical production is hard hitting and their vocal are a powerful and in your face style. The group is made of by Jenaro and Sito and this is their first ever music video.


Jill Tirrell – “Real Love


After working at Atlantic Records, EMI, and even under the iconic Clive Davis at Sony BMG, Jill Tirrell spent the last several years recording House music as “Krista” with some of the genre’s most accomplished producers. She continues to work in dance music as she slowly phases out “Krista” and re-introduces herself as Jill Tirrell. Teamed up with the legendary Todd Terry, the duo have released three songs together, “Be With You Tonight,” “Run Away,” and “Real Love.”

Connect with Jill Tirrell FACEBOOK, TWITTER, INSTAGRAM or JillTerrill.com


Henry Vargas – “Mi Forma de Sentir”


I don’t know too much about Henry Vargas, but what I can tell you is that it has at least been doing his thing in the Freestyle game since 1998. Back when I had my Freestyle radio show at KSJS in San Jose, CA I use to played his song “So Much Love” off of the Mic Mac Records Compilation “The Freestyle Dance Factory Vol. 2”.  Henry has long been working with Willie Valentin and Artistik Recordings. His new Spanish / English bilingual single “Mi Forma de Sentir” was released by Universal Music’s Fonovisa imprint. 

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