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Felix is a Mexico City based Electro Pop Duo that’s Influenced in 80’s Hip Hop, with a Unique, Fresh and Original Approach. They just Released their Debut Single “Juegos De Azar.”
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Felix’s debut single “Juegos De Azar” is produced Miami based by Milk Man, who is on his way to becoming one of the most important producers, not only with in the Latin music scene, but crosses all music genres and language.  I was surprised by the powerful, clean vocal style.  I cannot but to compare Felix’s single “Juegos De Azar” to the late 80’s Argentine group The Sacados. 

Based in Mexico City, Dany & Rack formed the duet of Felix, which can be summed up as mixture of synth loops and pop, rock and hip hop. The way the two came up with the name for their project was pretty easy. First, both Dany and Rack are fans of and find their inspiration in the Mexican actress Maria Felix. Then they wanted a name that would reflect on the group’s free spirit, feel good vibe and explosive anti-concept style. The Latin root meaning of  Felix is “be happy.”  

Felix says that they prefer to take on issues and stories of what they are seeing on the streets day in and day out, rather than to do all songs about love. Rack is a multi instrumentalist while Dany is an experienced vocalist. There is no doubt that with a few more songs and some hard work, Felix can make a place for themselves in Mexico’s history in the near future. 


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