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[Event] Pasa El MIC Fest – Monterrey, MX
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First International Festival “Pass The Mic”, with about 12 hours of Hip Hop, Graffiti live, Skateboard, Freestyle Battles, beatbox, turntablism and more. All this on the Esplanade of Mexican History Museum of Monterrey, Sunday June 21, 2015

Spend confirmed for Mic artists they are:

Tha Mexakinz (Long Beach, California), Caballeros Del Plan  G + Sekreto (Gomez Palacio, Durango) Mike Diaz (Aguascalientes, Ags), T Killa (Mexico City), Crypy (Costa Rica), Mauro Espinal (Dominican Republic), LNG / SHT (Cancun, Quintana Roo.)



Saile (Chile), CY (Canada), Gerso (DF), X83 (DF), Diego Zelaya (DF) and local artists to be confirmed.


We join the celebration of World Day Skate, a circuit with ramps and space for skating.  


Connect with Pasa El Mic online FACEBOOK 

Tha Mexakinz
Duo pioneer of Latin rap in the United States and the world, I-Man and Sinful established themselves in the early 90’s with their hardcore, funky bilingual rhymes and melodies. Their song “La Plaga” became anthems for Spanish Hip Hop across the world.


Caballeros Del Plan G
Pioneers of Hip Hop in Mexico, currently with over 17 year of touring and rocking shows.  DJ Jonta, Toxikon, Indho, Simplee and Serko Fu helped shape the scene in Mexico. Not only are the Caballeros the first in rap to publish albums, videos and singles independently, but they helped created stages and pave the way so that future Hip Hop acts in Mexico could rock shows.  Collectively released about 10 albums,  including compilations and solo projects. CplanG is hands down one of the most important groups of Mexico’s rap history to date.

Mike Diaz
He got started with Hip Hop culture in Aguascalientes back in 2003 and quickly became a local icon. In 2010 Mike formed part of the Never Die collective, until 2012 when he launched his solo career with a series of music videos and tours across both Mexico and the US.


The best way to describe Sekreto is that he is that he is to Caballeros Del Plan G what Derek Taylor was to the Beatles. Although he is a solo rapper, he forms part of the GL Familia and where Caballeros goes, Sekreto goes too.  He established his identity  on an international level with such has thanks to his  cabblos with Public Enemy, B Real (Cypress Hill) Eric Bobo (Cypress Hill), Control Machete among many more.


He is a native rapper of Cancun and started to created a name for himself through out Mexico with his mixture and mash-up sounds of punk, ska and hardcore rhymes in early 2010.


He is a former member of the hardcore underground group Street Army, but opt to build a solo career in 2005 by launching a series of solo jams, collabos and establishing his own recording label. In recent years he has become of most searched for names of Mexico’s underground scene. He is known for experimenting with reggae and trip hop.

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