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[Hip Hop] Detane Drops Long Awaited Album Titled “Gods Bleed” Featuring Killa Priest, Chino XL, Sekreto and More
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Detane, a Los Angeles based rapper is preparing the release of his album “Gods Bleed” and is now available for per-oder. The album features some of the most respected underground MC’s such as Killa Priest (Wu Tang Clan), Rakaa (Dilated Peoples), Ras Kass, Chino XL, Capital I-Man (Tha Mexakinz), Sekreto (G Lokos) and more.

Independence, that is perhaps the central idea of an “Underground” artist. The not relying on a record deal to for placement and promotion in exchange of control of their sound and publishing is what sets these artists apart. Los Angeles, CA is a city that is known to be filled of both mainstream rap artists and an underground movement that is large enough so that some artists could maintain a steady show schedule and enjoy respect from their peers. Detane is one of those artists that emerged from and has continued to work the underground scene.

Detane’s bio describes him as being a mind shifting MC capable of leaving gangster rap fans shaking, bling-bling teens with their jaws on the floor, club ladies quivering in ecstasy, and back packer kids feeling the Boom Bap era is back. He has been seen sharing the stage with greats such as Wu Tang Clan, KRS-One, Xzibit, Slick Rick, Dilated Peoples, Ras Kass, Chino XL, Tha Mexakinz and more.

God’s Blood and is laced up with mastermind production by internationally respected producer Domingo, fronted by Detane’s trademark sharp, in-your-face voice and a tender ear for sophisticated Hip-Hop adrenaline, Detane is able to combine the smarts of Nas with the boldness of Ice Cube all while crafting a tightly produced, street-smart Hip-Hop album appealing to west coast, east coast, indie, rap, pop, Latin, and Hip-Hop fans alike. The album features 15 tracks including an intro and two interludes. God’s Blood hits all digital stores on July 7th, 2015, but you can per-order now.

Detane was born in Guadalajara Mexico and raised in Los Angles California. From B-Boying at the local park, to Non-Stop Graffing up L.A. City blocks, to Spitting rhymes at shows, Detane has always been one of the many example of the embodiment of Southern Californian Hip-Hop Culture.  Each of his album covers is a monument to has dedication to the culture.

Cover Photo by Sal Rojas of Brownpride.com
Album Cover Art by OG Abel






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Track listing

1. Guess Who’s Back?! (Intro)
2. Guns and Angels (feat. Killah)
3. Child of the Ghetto (feat. Chino XL)
4. Street Hits (feat Glasses Malone)
5. Bomb Bomb (feat. Block Mccloud & Captical I-Man)
6. Altered State (Interlude feat DJ Desie)
7. Divine Minds (feat. Chief Kamachi)
8. Demons (feat. Ras Kass)
9. Break (Interlude feat. DJ Damage)
10. Even If It Kills Me (feat. Rakaa Iriscience)
11. Get Serious
12. The Saga Continues (feat. Ali Baba, Destruct, Sekreto & Patrick Antonian)
13. Love for the Streets (feat. Felicia Ray)


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