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[Cumbia Rap] “Cumbia Sabrosa” Music Video By Dazer X Citric Featuring DJ Kane
May 9, 2015  //  By:   //  Latin, Music, Spanish Hip Hop  //  No Comment   //   809 Views

“Cumbia Sabrosa”  is the new music video by the Los Angales based Spanish language by rappers Dazer of the Latination movement and Citric of the chicano rap group Pueblo Cafe. Dazer is one of the public figures leading the way of a rich musical Spanish urban movement revival that’s now that’s happening. Citric has been in the underground Hip Hop movement since the mid 2000’s

“Cumbia Sabrosa” is produced by 2 Swift of Crooked Stilo. Both the musical production as well as the rap vocal style is very 90’s. It’s like they’re using the 90’s electronic cumbia sounds and rap style as a blueprint to bring on a new generation of works. It’s a bit of new school meets old school. “Cumbia Sabrosa” is a repackaging of what came before it. This would also include one of the song’s highlights and I think what really sets the song apart of previously released songs from both Dazer and Citric, and that is that the song’s hooks are brought to life by DJ Kane of Kumbia Kings fame. DJ Kane give the song presents and a sound that really helps catch an ear.

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