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[Comic Book] Caballeros Del Plan G’s Simplee Inspired New Company Man Comic Book Series Character
November 27, 2014  //  By:   //  Behind The Art, Latino Comic  //  No Comment   //   678 Views

Simplee of the Durango, Mexico based Hip Hop group Caballeros del Plan G is Pete Hernandez III‘s latest inspiration behind a new character named Grito that will soon be making his way to the pages of the Digital Comic Book series Company Man.

Company Mans an original action-packed series from writer / illustrator Pedro Hernandez III bringing something to comics that has been missing for a long time…continuity, two-fisted action, character building, diversity, and intrigue! The series tells the story of when a mysterious corporation subjects minority children to an experimental serum disguised as a common Flu inoculation, granting them superhuman abilities after a ten year gestation period. The main character of the series is Nicholas Reyes, who we meet early on as the series kicks off. Nicholas is one of the many that are unwilling “participant” in these experiments.

With each issue of the series you follow Nicholas as he discovers his new abilities and who he is as a person while being forced into dangerous situations around the world.  While to the general public this corporation is just trying to save the world a few know the truth; that they’re secretly trying to take over the world. 

It is in the middle of  this journey that we will meet Grito. 

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