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C-Kan – Justicia Feat Adriana Puello
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There is a new wave of Hip Hop artists emerging across Latin America. What in the 90’s was just a handful of groups paving the way today has become a massive international movement.

Now and in recent years one of those emerging rappers is the Guadalajara, Mexico based C-Kan. Since his first mixtape released back in 2007 C-Kan has been on a non-stop Hip Hop flight to success with a number singles and music videos.  Although is inspirations are Cypress Hill and Control Machete, he describes his musical style as Romantic Gangster Rap. Somewhere in-between Cartel de Santa and Big Boy.

His new single “Justicia” is duet cut with one of the biggest female rappers from Spain, Adriana Puello tells the story people’s struggle in Mexico, but anyone in any Latin American country can relate to the song.  The tell of the fight against everyday injustices and one sided laws and reforms design to benefit only the wealthiest.  




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Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area and currently live in Simi Valley, CA. I've worked as on air talent in both English & Spanish radio, as well as formed part of Latin Marketing for major record labels. In recent years I have lead development artist campaigns.

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