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[Synth Pop] Chile’s Prince of Pop & The New Guru of Chilean Folk Music Drop “Alex & Daniel” Duet Album
August 22, 2014  //  By:   //  Latin, Music  //  No Comment   //   646 Views

Many countries are known for having a unique style or genre of music. Chilean music represents it’s diversity and richness of culture influenced its past and present sound. The music is as rich and complex; and has gone through an amazing journey throughout it’s history offering gems ranging from cueca, folklore, boleros, cumbia, pop, rock, hip-hop and electronica.   When it comes to Chile’s contemparary synth pop movement there is perhaps no other project that stands out and crosses borders on an international level like the new “Alex & Daniel” album. 

Alex Anwandter aka Prince of Chilean Pop is one of the leading names of Chile’s new vibrant pop scene. The former member of the indie pop rock band Teleradio Donoso brings together 80’s-influenced dance music and emotional romantic songs. Daniel Riveros or Gepe as some of his older fans call him has been called “The New Guru of Chilean Folk. Daniel jumped into the Chilean spotlight playing with singer Javiera Mena before launching his solo career. Daniel has played a major role and influence on the emerging new Chilean pop sound. Daniel’s unique pop sound is a combination of folk and electronic music with strong melodies so catchy he has had all of Chile singing his  songs.

Individually, these two had been shadowed by their own greatness; nothing they produced could ever reach that plateau they had made for themselves. Even if they did, critics could just state that it is “nothing could be compared to…” Then this album arrived. They kick things off with “Baby” as the album’s first single.  One thing to point out is that although the album is just now being released here in the US the album was previously released in Chile at the end of 2013. It was from that point on  that “Alex & Daniel” has been stirring up much talk with overwhelming positive reviews and creating a strong online presents ever since then leading up to it’s US release on Nacional Records.  Like many of Nacional Records most recent releases, they are offering a great deal and are currently offering the entire album at a very aggressive price of only $5.99 (USD) on iTunes. 


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