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[Hip Hop En Español] 2015 Marks The 10 Year Anniversary of ‪‎La Conekta‬ Mixtape [Free Download]
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So as 2015 rolled in while I was checking Facebook on my cellphone I saw Yeyo of los Tabaqueros post something on his status that completely caught me off guard. He pointed out that 2015 marked the 10 year anniversary since the release of La Conekta Mixtape. So now looking back and thinking about the project made me not only reflect on how fast time flies, but most importantly the caliber of the impact La Conekta had on the Latino Hip Hop movement; particularly here in the US.  I decided that I was going to write about the now 10 year old mixtape that can now some consider a classic among Latino Hip Hop fans.

La Conekta is a Spanish speaking oriented worldwide collective that consists of the best MC’s from Colombia, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Argentina, Panama, España, Mexico Miami and New York. Originally, the mixtape was a street-only release that flooded the Latin Hip Hop landscape of every key city. La Conekta was distributed as a free giveaway at some of the biggest, most important festivals in the US. Over twenty thousand CD copes were handed out at Calle 8 in Miami, the Puerto Rican Day Parade in New York City, the Viva Chicago Festival, Wango Tango in Los Angeles, and the South Padre Island Festival in Texas, among many others.  The Mixtape was later placed online as a free download and appeared on various Hip Hop websites. 

The mixtape was masterminded by Yeyo of The Art of Sound Group and was joined by Buyer Ragga Style and the rest of the Argentina based Raptores Records; who were very involved with the development of the La Conekta project. What Yeyo was seeking to accomplish was compile music from the very best rappers of the Latin hip-hop spectrum. La Conekta wasn’t just connecting Latino artists from around the globe. La Conekta was also creating a centralize platform that not only gave exposure of the artist to a larger Hip Hop en Español fan base impacting on a national level, but it also put the names and faces the artists front and center of many eyes within the music industry.

The goal was to create a united Latin Hip-Hop market where self promotion was also cross promotion. A project that made it so music could easily be share from and to all our Latin countries, as well to the Latinos living here in the US and Europe. La Conekta was the first step in creating a huge market for the Latin Hip-Hop movement, both in Español and English. Some of the fruits that were direct results of La Conekta Mixtape was formation of The D.E.Y. and the Sony BMG release of their smash hit single “Give You The World”. Another direct and notable result that came from the mixtape was that Sekreto’s “Pasion Y Fe” was the corner stone reason as to why Toy “Selectah” Hernandez released his debut album “En Tu Area” via Universal Music Mexico.

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La Conekta Mixtape 2005 Latin Remix 


 La Conekta Mixtape Track Listing [DOWNLOAD]
1.    La Conekta intro (The three individuals that it refers to are our indigenous, african and European ancestors which make up the fiber of who Latinos are)
2.    YEYO – “Diamantes” Feat. UB and Destinee of THC Crew)
3.    Salazar & YEYO – “La Esquina”
4.    Divine – “Que dijiste?” 
5.    Sutil – “Raptores 2” Feat Apolo 11
6.    Prepara – “Patota” Feat. YEYO
7.    Sekreto – “Pasión y Fé” (Levantate)
8.    Chyno Nyno – “Versos Caritos” Feat. YEYO
9.    THC Crew, YEYO, & Buyer Ragga Style – “Loco en el Coco”
10.  Lo Correcto (Corporativa Empresarial)
11.  Tego Calderón -“Mama Me Dijo” Feat. The Game
12.  SoFla Kings – “Como lo Hago Yo” Feat. Viruz
13.  Prion & Mela – “Ser Latino”
14.  Garcia, THC Crew & YEYO – “Ten Cuido”
15.  La Bruja – “Every Oyster”
16.  Buyer Ragga Style & YEYO  –“De que vale?” 
17.  Apolo 11 – “3 Cabalas”
18.  Chyno Nyno – “El Anormal”
19.  Divine – “Clap Yo Handz”
20.  YEYO & Salazar of los Tabaqueros – “Que te Pasa?”
21.  Nomah – “Cada Vez Que…”
22.  Meswy – “Dios”
23.  Divine, YEYO,  Monse & DJ Precise – “Como Un Cabron”
24.  Shottie,  Salazar & YEYO – “Clubbin'”
25.  Notch – “Ya Tu Sabes”
26.  T-Weaponz – “Bitters”
27.  Ciencia Fixion – “Jala Gatillo”
28.  YEYO & Buyer Ragga Style – “Juan Rock”
29.  Frost (Sindicato Argentino del Hip Hop) – “Rimas Heladas”
30.  YEYO – “Sueños” Feat. M1 of Dead Prez & Divine


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